Professional Hockey can be extremely tough on the mind and body. In this day and age players are constantly looking for supplements to gain an extra edge so that they can succeed, thus lengthening their careers. Entering my 8th year as a pro, I can tell you first hand that I have tried many different energy supplements. I can finally, and confidently say that I have found one that is by far the best on the market. Truenergy is quite frankly a product that every competitive athlete needs to try. Not only does it give you the mental edge and focus you need, but it is also one of the only highly effective energy products with natural ingredients. To me, there is nothing better than a non artificially infused supplement that works very very well and this is that exact product. Mark my words, I will be drinking Truenergy before every game this entire season, and I hold no reservations in saying that it helps me perform my best!
— David McIntyre, EV Zug (NLA Switzerland)
I am a huge fan of TruEnergy; the shot gives me an extra burst of energy when I need it, and I am able to enjoy it without THE crash that I’ve experienced with other similar products! Thank you TruEnergy for making my day.
— Jesse Winchester, Colorado Avalanche (NHL)
I used ‘TruEnergy’ for a couple work outs in the morning when I was dragging and it definitely gave me a kick start. I wish I was still playing to give them a try for games.
— RJ Umberger, Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
When I am in need of a nice quick pick me up, TruEnergy gives me everything I need.
— Mike Condon, Ottawa Senators (NHL)
Really like ‘TruEnergy’. Have been using them before games. Boys like them as well.
— Kyle Baun, Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
In about 10 minutes, I could feel the energy and a clarity of vision.
— Taylor Holze, NY Riveters (NWHL)