You Are What You Drink - What Do You Want to Be?

     The wrapping on leading energy shot brands is distinct; multicolored with over-sized logos and striking images meant to attract the consumer. The bottles are emblazoned with large text promising quick energy fixes. “Hours of energy NOW!” “Energy that Lasts!” “No Crash!” The shots are wrapped in a shiny protective plastic covering both the opaque bottle and cap. All of these elements have been carefully chosen and precariously placed in order to catch the attention of the weary finals week student in the convenience store checkout line. Buy me now! Feel it Fast! 

     However, the bright packaging and alluring phrases cover the bottle in its entirety - masking the liquid inside.  They distract the buyer and inhibit them from seeing what they’re actually purchasing.

     Perhaps consumers reach for these masked energy shots so that they don’t have to see what’s inside the drink, or maybe it’s a subconscious effort not to have to think about what they’re ingesting into their bodies. With TRUEnergy, you will be able to see exactly what you’re drinking.

     The design differs from the other energy shots currently on the market: sleek, modern and transparent. The bottle is fully see-through and a significant part of the label is clear as well. In constructing the packaging, it was essential for us to make sure that the wrapping is transparent to showcase the beverage. 

     We have nothing to hide and we acknowledge that as TRUEnergy drinkers, healthy and active individuals, you want to know what you’re drinking. It’s a small change to the standard design but, for us, it makes all the difference. 

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