What Will Be The Future of Energy Shots?

More. The future is more quality. It brings more knowledge and better products. That’s what we’re told. But I want to see it, I need to have it, and I don’t want to wait. Yet, time is necessary on the road to progress. It allows us to gather greater results, find flaws, and create something better. Time and progress go hand-in-hand, and this is no different for energy shots.

So far there have been two generations of energy shots:

First, were the normal energy shots. 5-hour Energy was first, followed by 6 Hour Power and SK Energy. They created a formula, bottle, and design that was liked. The best part was there was no product history for comparison. 5-hour Energy and the rest were the first products, and by default they were the best.


Second, were the “healthier” energy shots. The initial shine had worn off the first generation. Some issues came up, people had problems, and questions were asked. This made way for the “healthy” energy shots. Now, I too used to wrongly assume that because something says “organic” means it’s going to be significantly healthier. Guayaki Yerba Mate is probably the most popular “healthy” energy shot right now. They have an organic claim. But if you read the label, they too have excess vitamins with 1,670% of your daily necessary B12. Guayaki also has a caffeine level that Caffeine Informer describes in red as “HIGH.” So although they're organic, their ingredients and values may not be appropriate

The Future of Energy Shots:

More quality in your energy shot. We want the best possible value and maximum effectiveness - safely and appropriately. We believe that energy shots should provide the complete energy cycle.  Re-energize. Re-hydrate. Re-vitalize. The three core functions of TRUEnergy. Know and see what you're consuming.

We are leading the next generation of quality energy shots. Don't regret what you drink.