TRUEnergy Boosts Research and Development, Digital Media Production

At TRUEnergy, we are progressing on the path towards the first run of our natural energy shots. We are happy to welcome Mathias Kaufmann  and Kara Kearns to the #TeamTru.

kara 2.jpg

Kara Kearns will be joining the team as a Digital Media Specialist.  As an intricate part of the team, she will be key in growing our brand primarily through blogging and social media. Kara brings a wealth of experience from multiple roles, including those at Niche Media.

Mathias Kaufmann will head formula research and development for TRUEnergy remotely in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mathias is a former pro hockey player with a degree in food science and a specialization in nutrition. He will be responsible for formula research and development so that all of our products (now and in the future) stay at the forefront of nutrition.

At TRUEnergy, we are always looking for great additions to the #TeamTru. If you are interested in joining us please email us at:

Welcome aboard! #LiveTru