The TRUEnergy Formula: Natural Energy and Quality Ingredients

TRUEnergy natural energy shots were created out of need. The need for a healthy, and natural, quality alternative to artificial energy shots.


One of our favorite examples of the need for a better energy shot are all the excess ingredients. Some shots contain over 8,000% of your daily value of vitamin B12! B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, and your body can only digest 100%. This leaves you unable to digest 79 days-worth of B12.

Bottom line is:

Quantity isn't better than quality (especially when your body automatically gets rid of the excess). Another negative is the possible detriments of excess amounts of vitamins (studies are currently ongoing). This had major influence on formula creation, and primed TRUEnergy’s focus of natural quality. 

Here's the best part about TRUEnergy:

RE-ENERGIZE – Natural Caffeine
The formula provides quality natural caffeine from green tea extract. The natural caffeine level is equivalent to a cup of green tea – as opposed to caffeine levels in some shots similar to a cup of coffee or greater. Caffeine from green tea provides a longer lasting energy boost, and has only a small drop after the boost. 
RE-HYDRATE - Electrolytes
The formula contains better values of electrolytes than a Gatorade. Importantly, we made sure to not provide excess electrolytes – quality not quantity. 
RE-VITALIZE - Vitamins
TRUEnergy does not provide more than 100% of the daily value of any vitamin. There is no need to provide more than 100% - anything else is a marketing ploy. A lot of energy shots only provide excess amounts of a select couple of vitamins - we provide all of your essential daily vitamins. 

The active lifestyle should settle for nothing less than healthy, natural, and quality ingredients. The TRUEnergy Team has found that athletes, working professionals, health conscious people, and everyone in-between are excited about the formula.

#TRUEnergy. Feel good. Perform better.