The 2 Biggest Problems with Normal Energy Shots

Consuming more problems than energy?

You consume a normal energy shot for one reason – to get re-energized. But you may get more problems than energy. There are two big problems with normal energy shots - you need to know both.

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1)      Caffeine Levels

A normal energy shot has a lot of caffeine. Yes, energy shots are consumed for an energy boost. Yes, caffeine provides that. But, these caffeine levels aren’t optimal for performance.

We’ve all seen those stumpy little round bottles. Picked one up, held it, drank it. It’s such a small bottle that, even if it is bad, we think it can’t really be all that bad. That’s what we hope. A small energy shot can only mean small problems.

Did you know that a normal energy shot can have as much caffeine as 16 ounces of coffee? Don’t believe it? It’s on the tiny fine print on their label.

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This is staggering:

A tiny little 2-ounce energy shot has as much caffeine as a 16 ounce coffee. In Starbucks talk, that’s not a short, or a tall, but a Grande coffee. Why do people drink a Grande Starbucks coffee so slowly? To spread out the caffeine. Jitters don’t help anyone perform optimally .



2)      Vitamin Levels

Let’s think about the term “excess waste.” The amounts of vitamins in normal energy shots bring new meaning. Two water-soluble vitamins in particular are used excessively in normal energy shots: B12 and B6. 5-hour Energy has 8,333% of your daily value of B12, and 2,000% of your daily value of B6. Just to be completely transparent, your body can only absorb 100%.

From Science-Based Medicine:

“Their claims for B vitamins amount to vague support claims, like ‘niacin is important for energy production.’ There is no evidence that B vitamins would increase energy levels unless the user was suffering from a clinically-significant B vitamin deficiency.”

Our natural thought process is there must be a reason for the excess vitamins. The levels must provide some benefit. While there isn’t yet universal agreement on the effects of excess vitamins, the thinking is they’re not good.

From WebMD:

"Certain water-soluble vitamins in excess can cause problems, such as too much vitamin B6 can cause nerve problems, too much niacin can cause flushing, and excess vitamin C can cause kidney stones," Frechman [Ruth Frechman, MS, RD, spokesperson American Dietetic Association] observes. And “there appears to be a link between megadoses of vitamin B12 and certain cancers.”


Normal energy shots may provide more problems than energy. When consuming a shot, you shouldn’t have to worry about potential problems. The formula should be simple, the benefits should be transparent, and.... that's it. The next generation of energy shots will make you feel good and perform better.

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