Starting with Success, Reaching Over 220,000 for Kickstarter


The TRUEnergy family teamed up this morning to share the TRUEnergy Kickstarter launch - producing a social reach of over 220,000! A big thanks to the TRUEnergy family for sharing our mission with their networks. We were able to accomplish this by using Thunderclap,  a very useful tool for spreading a message across Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Our Kickstarter is off to a strong start with close to 10% pledged after just a few hours. We’re excited to continue to share our product and our mission with more people. In a few hours we’ve set a great trajectory with 5 steps:

1.) Successful Thunderclap – The TRUEnergy family teamed up their social accounts to spread our mission and were able to reach 221,068 people online!


2.) Became a Kickstarter Staff Pick – A huge vote of confidence and support from Kickstarter!


3.) Drinkpreneur Press Coverage – Drinkpreneur, a publication for beverage entrepreneurs, found our drink noteworthy and covered the launch this morning!


4.) Promoted as New & Newsworthy on Kickstarter – Soon after launching became promoted as new and noteworthy on the Kickstarter site!


5.) The Crowdfunding Centre Coverage – An outlet that covers crowdfunding campaigns picked up on our trending campaign and reached out to give us a profile on their site!

TRUEnergy The Crowdfunding Centre.jpg


Thanks to our TRUEnergy family for the support. More progress updates coming soon!