Sharing the TRUEnergy Story, and Energizing FOOD-X Demo Day

TRUEnergy Team

Dec. 3rd was a big day for all of the FOOD-X Accelerator startups. It was Demo Day, the culminating day of the program where all the startups showcased their product and service progress. The venue was filled with 200+ foodies that were eager to learn how we were disrupting the food space.

The event was a great success, and TRUEnergy is proud to have shared the stage with startups that are all doing a great good.

Due to the notoriety of FOOD-X, and an excellent group of food startups, the event was covered by several notable media groups like the New York Business Journal and Alley Watch. A short video recap of the event was produced and can be watched on the Visionary Organics page, and a full recording of the presentations and speeches can be watched on Youtube (TRUEnergy CEO, Jack, presents at the 1:29:30 mark).

Thanks to those that have supported our Kickstarter campaign! The TRUEnergy campaign passed the set goal, and there's only a few days left for others to become involved.