Running out of Energy: Told by a College Student

You just had a long, grueling day consisting of an 8:30am class lecture followed by hours in the library trying to nail down material before heading off to another hour-long lecture. But it doesn't stop there.  As you make your way back to your dorm, you remember that intramural basketball game you have tonight, which means you are going to be up until all hours of the night studying for that big exam the next day.  Sound familiar?

What would you use to get you through those days?  

The most common answer: sugary energy drinks and coffee.  Why?  Coffee is everywhere and we have become accustomed to the “jitters” and “crash” that goes along with it.  The same goes for these new sugary energy drinks, but on a larger scale.  These new drinks introduce even more problems like an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.


If these drinks have adverse side effects, why do we continue to use them?  

The reason is because college students NEED energy.  Those sugar and caffeinated drinks are the only thing we know of that can keep us up late in the library studying or push us through those groggy Monday morning classes.  

We aim to maintain a balanced lifestyle in spite of the stress, and too often that means sacrificing our health.

There is just too much work to be done, and it seems that these artificial drinks are the only thing that can keep us going.


Is there a solution?  

What if there was a better way to get the energy you needed without having to sacrifice healthy ingredients?  I am talking about a small drink with sustained boosts of energy.  I am talking about TRUEnergy.  This organic energy drink alternative has all the benefits of those fad coffee and energy drinks without the harmful ingredients or health consequences.  With a green tea source of caffeine, more electrolytes than Gatorade, and more vitamins than Vitamin Water, TRUEnergy Shots fill a void in our drink rotation.  A healthier energy shot that is sustainable, yet doesn’t sacrifice your health.  And most importantly, IT WORKS.

So the next time you’re having one of those days where the list of to-dos just keeps on coming and bedtime seems light years away, don’t give in to jittery coffee or the harmful ingredients in those energy drinks.  Why not take a small, health conscious shot that not only makes you feel energized, but makes you feel better about yourself?  Drink TRUEnergy sports shots.  It’s the right thing to do.

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