Natural Ingredients and Artificial Energy Shot Regret

Why do we drink energy shots? To get energized.  How much does it cost? Most artificial shots are around 3 dollars. But our energy is focused on a more important question than just the dollar cost:

What does an artificial energy shot cost you, and is it worth it?


This is a question that a lot of us may be reluctant to answer for ourselves. Some of us might have no problem with artificial energy shots. Some might just focus on the spike and settle on the rest. Some might’ve never thought about it – but we all should.

Here’s why:


Everyone strives to be better. We want to be better so badly that we will buy into the flashy ads without first checking on the substance. We've all done it - bought and used something that we regret.

Recently, we’ve been at the gym and seen people drinking artificial energy shots. We ask them how they like it. The most popular response? “I know it's not good for me, but It gets the job done.” Not that they feel good and like it, not that it tastes great, and not that drinking it is good for them. Don’t you know you can get the job done, along with the rest?

We do, and we don’t like regret:


Artificial energy shots are certainly popular, and people use the product. But we wanted something better, so we decided to do it ourselves. We believe in not regretting, and not settling on, what we put into our bodies. With artificial energy shots you may get that desired spike. You may also crash, dislike the taste, and feel bad about drinking it.


TRUEnergy is for people that want a healthier alternative that will get the job done, and then some. We’re excited about TRUEnergy, and we want to share it with you. #LiveTru