#MotivationMonday: Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Staying Awake at Work

Staying upbeat and energetic at work can prove difficult as the afternoon progresses. This feeling is often heightened on a Monday as we try to readjust our bodies back into routine after the weekend. Next time you’re feeling lethargic in the office, try incorporating one or a few of these tips into your workday to boost your energy and improve your mood and productivity.

walk work.jpg

Practice small bursts of exercise throughout the day

Use the stairs to the office instead of the elevator. Take a 10-minute break from a project to refill your water and take a lap around the office. Go on a brisk walk with a coworker during your lunch hour. Try to find ways to get out of your chair and get moving throughout the day. Bonus points if you manage to wake up early and sneak in a workout before even getting to the office.

Drink water

Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Sometimes with the bustle of a busy day, we can forget to eat and/or drink, which may contribute to that sluggish afternoon lull. Refill your water bottle several times per day and make sure you’re drinking constantly to ensure you’re hydrated and in turn, you’ll stay energized and refreshed.

drink water

Replace your desk chair with an exercise ball

This simple swap ensures that you’re constantly engaging your core muscles as you maintain balance on the ball. It’s actually not as hard as it looks and has the added benefit of improving posture and relieving muscles that ache as a result of hunching over at your desk to look at your computer screen.

Snack smart

Try to avoid eating meals and snacks that are high in sugar and carbohydrates, which could cause an energy dip later in the day. Instead, opt for a high protein and nutrient rich snack like almonds or an apple to maintain energy levels throughout the day and avoid the afternoon crash. And don’t forget breakfast! Skipping the morning meal could cause you to overeat later in the day.

listen to music at work

Listen to music

If you have a few minutes or hours of uninterrupted time, try plugging headphones into your computer and listening to some background music while you work on a solo project. The music will perk you up and can even help set the rhythm and focus of an assignment. Just don’t forget to keep the volume low enough so that it doesn’t disturb those around you and stay alert if someone in the office needs your attention.

Reboot with natural energy

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