2 Reasons the Food Entrepreneur Community is Flourishing


The food summit started off buzzing, and for good reason.

FounderMade is known for putting on excellent events that showcase new ventures and introduce them to investors and corporate partners – FounderMade Food 2016 was no different.

There were dozens of entrepreneurs and companies from every part of the food space, from cricket-protein to meal replacements to TruEnergy. It was an incredible atmosphere to be a part of, and contribute to. Outside of the great products and services, the people that power the food entrepreneur community are special. There are two big reasons for this.

  1. Inspiration - Most food entrepreneurs started because they experienced a personal frustration, and have a genuine desire to create a better, healthier life.
  2. Grit - Most food entrepreneurs have no prior food industry experience, yet this does not impede success.

With these points in mind, we were eager for the community's feedback on our product.

Showcasing new flavors to great reviews.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! Most of those who sampled TruEnergy either drank caffeine and/or were familiar with energy shots - and they expressed their pleasure with the taste. And a lot of people who didn’t like caffeine or energy drinks also enjoyed it! People were drawn to the label design, and the taste continued the positive experience. We even ran out of one of the flavors!

In addition to enjoying great reviews, we also enjoyed the speakers. Part of FounderMade Food focused on educating and preparing entrepreneurs, and there were speakers throughout the day. Topics included how to market to a new (and healthier) generation, food innovation, investing in the future of food, and changing how people eat. Although we didn’t catch all the speakers, what we heard provided us with further inspiration. The food entrepreneur community has a solid foundation of people that want to help others live healthier lives, and our community is only getting bigger. Big thanks to FounderMade for getting us involved, and for hosting a great food summit!

For further TruEnergy updates...

The TruEnergy launch countdown has started. Click the link and get notified -TruEnergy launch.

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