Competitive Fire from Sports Translates to Entrepreneurship, Startups at TRUEnergy

TRUEnergy Robert Rowing

If you’ve ever competed in sports you’ll understand, to some degree, the term “competitive fire.” If you spend time training and competing, not only does your skill level increase, but your competitive fire grows. After 15 years of competition I have a great fire. And at the end of 15 years training and competing I was left wondering “what happens to my fire?” More importantly, how can I use my fire?

TRUEnergy Robert Rowing Team

After my athletic career ended I sorely missed the nuances that came with rowing at high levels in high school and university. At Belmont Hill School and Boston University I’d compete with athletes just as competitive, ideate with teammates that shared my hunger, and my pursuit of better was rivaled by the teammates sweating next to me. When it ended I longed for a similar environment. Where else could I find that environment? The effort used to pursue exceptional team goals needed to be directed towards another pursuit. TRUEnergy has been this pursuit.

Athletic and entrepreneurial pursuits have many things in common, but entrepreneurship has some items that make it uniquely challenging.

In sport, you will find success as a member of a team if you can confidently answer two binary questions:

1.       Is what I’m doing best for the team?

2.       Am I putting forth my best effort?

If you can confidently say yes to both, then success will find your team in good time. These two questions also apply when you’re an entrepreneur building a startup. But, unlike competing as part of a team, as an entrepreneur you’re also the “coach.”


Can’t Make More Time

Whereas the two questions above can be binarily answered, an entrepreneur also has to constantly answer two open-ended questions:

1.       Where should effort be allocated?

2.       What goals are best for the team?


Effectively and efficiently utilizing your time is the pulse of your startup, and the true challenge of an entrepreneur. Importantly, having a disciplined regimen as an athlete certainly translates to this area of entrepreneurship. If you’re correctly answering the above open-ended questions, then your competitive fire will be satiated, and success will find you.


About TRUEnergy:

In a short few months TRUEnergy has participated in two accelerators, and are a couple days from completing the FOOD-X Accelerator program, an SOSV backed accelerator. Our latest major milestone was passing the 20k goal for our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.