Artificial Energy Shot Regret Fueled by "Benefits," Instant Gratification

     Healthy individuals crave the high energy levels associated with a balanced and active lifestyle. One easy and common way to replicate this natural energy is through the consumption of energy shots and drinks. However, some people may experience a temporary energy surge followed by a headache-inducing crash. More importantly, the synthetic ingredients in these beverages contradict the consumer’s otherwise healthful regimen. They want the performance benefits of the product so badly that they ingest ingredients and compounds they can’t even pronounce, and may regret afterwards.

     In addition, the rise of the “now” culture has given way to consumers seeking instant gratification from the products that they purchase. They want to see instant results from the consumption of an energy drink and as a result, they will purchase the energy drink that advertises the quickest, most efficient burst of energy. This decision means that they might neglect to read the nutrition label on the product and fully educate themselves on the ingredients in the drink before consuming it.

     Health conscious people shouldn’t have to choose between good-for-you ingredients, effective caffeine, and the desired benefits of these products. At TRUEnergy we seek to fully inform about the different components of our energy shot so that you can continue to introduce only healthy ingredients into your body. You can feel good about the natural caffeine, essential vitamins and electrolytes in TRUEnergy. These elements work together to produce a fast-acting and effective natural energy shot. You shouldn’t have to settle - don’t compromise your organic lifestyle in favor of artificial ingredients. Take the time to read the label and make the healthy choice. #LiveTru