A New TRU Partnership, TRUEnergy Expands Community

We are ecstatic to welcome Ryan Foss-Skiftesvik as our newest TRUEnergy partner. Ryan is a TRU believer in our product and is passionate about helping us evolve the energy shot industry. As the newest member of #TeamTRU, he will be wearing many hats with a focus on business development, expanding our community, and opening new distribution channels.

With a strong global network, his addition to the team is a testament to our long-term commitment and vision for TRUEnergy. Ryan has former beverage experience at a shot drink company. He is also a partner at a media production company where he acts as a TV producer and writer. Bringing a passion for art and entrepreneurship, Ryan adds a whole new dimension to our team.  

TRUEnergy continues to build our team and spread the truth about the energy shot industry. If you are interested in supporting our movement, please share the hashtag #LiveTRU. If you want to join the team, drop us a line at info@tru.energy.