A Casual Athlete's Perspective on TruEnergy

As a kid I dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. I fell asleep to the smell of freshly-mowed outfield grass and dozed amongst thousands of cheering fans. I wasn’t the only kid having these sensational dreams, though, and it wasn’t long until I woke up to the realization that I would never make it in the big leagues. In the fall of my junior year I tore my ACL and MCL and finally had to accept my sports fate as that of a “casual athlete.”

I still play basketball about three times a week and work out as often as I can muster up the energy. At the same time, I’m a college student trying to balance the different parts of my life – academic, athletic, social, extracurricular. It’s not always easy to keep my shot ticking and stay in shape with so much else on my plate.

I think this is where many casual athletes struggle. Work or class tends to take precedent over hitting the gym, and extra energy after a long day is often sparse. Many athletes use a pre-workout drink to combat this energy deficiency, but finding a healthy pre-workout drink that’s also effective isn’t always easy.

Most traditional energy drinks contain chemicals that threaten to negatively impact both my performances in impromptu pick-up basketball games and my academic effectiveness. I can’t have either of those happening.

I think that’s where TruEnergy – a healthy pre-workout drink for athletes – can provide value. A sport shot that boosts energy and doesn’t negatively impact health is a powerful tool for casual athletes.

I may never hear my name on draft day and I’m sure I’ll never hit that walk-off home run that I always see in my dreams, but I still love every minute that I spend playing sports. There’s no better sound than the firm ping of a tennis ball off my racket and it’s impossible to replicate the feeling of draining a three-pointer. To experience the thrill of success as a casual athlete while still prioritizing academic or work life, TruEnergy is simply the best option out there.