TruEnergy Adds Three New Employees for the Summer

TruEnergy is a company for athletes by athletes. This summer, we have added three new employees—Cam Spiro, Johnny Hincks and Carl Hesler. All three are joining the TruTeam because they use TruEnergy in their own athletic endeavors and believe that it can change the game in sports nutrition. We are so glad to have them for the summer, as each of them brings his unique perspective and experience to the company.

Review: TruEnergy “Sport Shot”

Created by a former professional hockey player, TruEnergy is an energy shot that was designed with the athlete in mind. 

It features a blend of coconut water, natural caffeine, vitamins (B vitamins, vitamins A and E), electrolytes, antioxidants, and coconut water. With 100mg of caffeine in each 1.69 oz. bottle, the product is certainly going to have a caffeine kick that is commensurate with the competition.

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Made by athletes for athletes, TRUEnergy is what the startup’s founders deem to be a healthier alternative to traditional energy shot products, such as 5-hour Energy, which dominates about 94% of the market, according to TRUEnergy founder Jack McNamara. As a pro hockey player in Europe, McNamara and his teammates found products traditionally targeted at athletes, such as sports drinks, energy drinks, and energy shots, to be too sugary, too overloaded with caffeine, or packed with vitamins well over the recommended daily intake.  

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TruEnergy: Cofounded by a former professional hockey player with other athletes on its team, TruEnergy is a green tea drink that re-energizes and rehydrates without making people jittery as energy shots do. It includes vitamins that many people are deficient in, including several of the B vitamins, and Vitamin D. The company is doing a micro launch in New York City through fitness facilities.

TruEnergy Sports Shot Inspired By TruAthletes

TruEnergy shots are packaged in very unique looking 50 ml square-shaped plastic bottles. The dominant color of the packaging is orange, which might be related with the flavor itself: mango and citrus. As the bottle has four sides, all the information is very well located, starting with a big logo, ingredient list, nutritional information, functional claims, and even a word from the CEO about the brand.