What are TRUEnergy Sports Shots?

They're drinks made with organic ingredients that include natural green tea extract, more electrolytes than a Gatorade, and more vitamins than a Vitamin Water.

How do I know if TRUEnergy is right for me?

The TRUEnergy formula is natural and healthy.  If you’re like us then it’s right for you - we are athletes, working professionals, and healthy individuals. If you have any health concerns, or are on medication, please double-check with your doctor before consuming TRUEnergy.


How do I learn more about TRUEnergy?

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Why does TRUEnergy contain that amount of natural caffeine?

Natural caffeine from green tea extract is a very healthy form of caffeine. Green tea caffeine has a different effect than other caffeine sources, and provides a longer boost of energy without a big crash.


What are the benefits of the electrolytes in TRUEnergy?

The electrolytes help you rehydrate. Our electrolytes are greater in number than a Gatorade, and at overall higher percentages of your needed daily values.


What are the benefits of the vitamins in TRUEnergy?

The essential vitamins in TRUEnergy can be used as a multi-vitamin. Our vitamins are greater in number than a Vitamin Water, and at overall higher percentages of your needed daily values.


Is TRUEnergy FDA approved?

The FDA does not “approve” dietary supplements, but they must comply with the FDA regulated Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.


How many bottles of TRUEnergy can I take per day?

We recommend taking one bottle of TRUEnergy per day.

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